Meth Drug Testing

Methamphetamine Testing

For property landlords, home owners / buyers, tenants and or any related issues, we have a meth testing solution tailored for your every need. Most results are available within 2 working days of sampling but a faster turn around can be arranged at the laboratory should you require it. We can organize your “toxicology report” with your agent/vendor or tenant and provide high-quality advice and consultancy at a time that is convenient to you. We provide a complete end to end solution for your meth testing needs from friendly, sympathetic and experienced staff who have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.

NZQA Certified and Experienced samplers
At DATS we use high quality people of integrity and our knowledge is second to none to conduct your sampling. Samplers are NZQA certified and our staff are provided with quality training to ensure that any property and samples are expertly taken and handled. We believe a high quality toxicology report begins with accurate and thorough sampling and with an experienced samplers with an average of 14 years of experience each between them, we have some of the more experienced in the industry.

Where Can DATS Test For Meth?

Residential Homes, Properties & Rentals


Sale and purchase of homes (for home owners and sellers)


Residential Rentals


New homes also (construction/painters/plasterers on meth)


Purchase – want to know house is clean


Garage/Sleepout, Loft, attict




Farm workers

Commercial Properties & Workplaces






Office environment


Site Accommodation


Motels / Hotels


Mobile accommodations, caravans


‘Just Cause’ – cause based on indicators (eg, workers acing different/under the influence?)

easy & efficient drug testing

Mobile & Onsite Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug Testing Services

• 24/7 Mobile testing
• Post incident testing
• Random testing
• Worksite testing
• Pre employ testing
• Workplace Testing
• Just Cause / Due Cause
• As required testing

Industry Examples

Below are some examples of industires in which we do drug testing:

Goods-producing industries: manufacturing; electricity, gas, water, and waste services; and construction industries

Primary industries: agriculture, forestry, fishing, and mining

Service industries: wholesale trade; accommodation and food services; retail trade; transport, postal, and warehousing; information, media, and telecommunications; finance and insurance services; rental, hiring, and real estate services; owner-occupied property operation; professional, scientific, technical, and admin support services; government administration; health; education; and other service industries

The DATS Mobile Service

DATS offer 24/7 mobile onsite testing to a large range of businesses across the South Island in and New Zealand. 

We have 4 mobile vans purpose built to provide you or your workplace with a mobile drug testing clinic. Our vans are soundproofed and engineered and designed for your onsite health checks.

Our mobile  drug testing vans are  suitable for all your testing needs, pre employment testing, random testing, post incident / accident testing and just cause testing.

Drug Testing Locations

Drug Testing South Island Wide

Here at DATS we offer our drug testing services South Island wide. Whether you need onsite or mobile drug testing, we are here to assist! See our locations below:

Not limited to, but including: Akaroa, Alexandra, Amberley, Ashburton, Balclutha, Blenheim, Christchurch, Darfield, Dunedin, Fairlie, Gore, Greymouth, Hokitika, Invercargill, Kaiapoi, Kaikōura, Leeston, Lincoln, Lyttleton, Mosgiel, Nelson, Oamaru, Prebbleton, Queenstown, Rakaia, Rangiora, Richmond, Rolleston, Timaru, Waimate, Wānaka, West Melton, Westport


DATS NelsonDATS Canterbury

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Drug Testing Services

Mobile Drug Testing

Workplace Drug Testing

Detailed Drug Reporting

Management Consultation & Development

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Methods of Drug & Alcohol Testing

Urine Testing

The use of a urine test kit is a fast and simple solution that provides an initial result in minutes. Our fully qualified and empathetic staff have been trained to the highest of our industries standards to undertake this test process with care and dignity with you, our clients specific needs and wishes top of mind.

Oral Fluid (Saliva)Testing

Some companies use a saliva test. With this test, a sample of applicants' saliva is collected from inside their mouth. The saliva is then tested and can show drug use ranging from the last few hours up to a few days. Detects drug use in hours to days. Preliminary results are effective and onsite within minutes.

Alcohol Testing

Do not underestimate the effects and influences that Alcohol has on your work place across all demographics and ages groups. This easily and legally obtainable “drug” is by far and away the most prevalent cause of accident and injury in your work place, be it at a work function, a lunchtime breakaway or regretfully the arrival to work in an inebriated state.

Synthetic Drug Testing

Synthetic drug abuse is growing in popularity due to misconceptions about these drugs being safer than other drugs of abuse, or the thought that synthetic drugs can't be detected on a drug test.

Synthetic drug testing is an effective substance abuse prevention measure.

Hair follicle Testing

Hair follicle screening offers advanced technology  in detecting the  history of past and current  drug use.

It is more commonly used in pre-employment drug testing but also can be used in custodial and p cases.  Hair follicle testing can detect up to 90 days and further possibly detecting  up to 12 months  of drug use and / or abuse.

Meth Testing

Methamphetamine use is on the rise. Unfortunately, it may be present in your rental or new purchase . A carefully crafted meth-testing program can help protect against the impact of meth abuse in your rental. Most results are available within 2 working days of sampling or a faster turn around can be arranged upon request (within 24hrs) at the laboratory if needed.

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